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A somewhat busy week!

2 Oct

Ok then, perhaps I don’t have as much time as I thought I would!

The week started on quite a good note really – the first week (again!!) back to Weight Watchers resulted in  pounds lost, and rather than celebrate with a cream cake I trotted off to the fruit and veg shop to make my fridge look really virtuous! 

On returning home I found that a parcel had been left and rather than leaving it a day I thought I’d chase the postman (figuratively speaking of course!) around the village to pick it up. Really disappointed that it wasn’t for me, but never mind, at least it was got.

When I did get home (a cup of tea was desperately needed!), I found I had to deal with two offerings that the other two members of the family had ‘left’ for me. I haven’t introduced these two to you yet have I? Well they are two girls who are aged eleven and three quarters and they just happen to be CATS! Yep, I’m a cat fanatic!!

They’re called Leah and Caitlin ( or Leebies and Katy Baby, or Tim-bob and Waste-of-Space), and they are my little treasures! They are sisters, but completely different purr-sonalities!

Anyway,enough of them – I really had to get organised to do card smples. But of course that didn’t happen!!

Enough of these ramblings for now – perhaps I can show a couple of samples I did earlier. They use Glenda’s new stamps with the angel and Madonna- just beautiful.

Sorry – I should have put her the right way up  you can see I’n new to this blog posting! The stamps are so detailed that they don’t really need a lot of messing about with to make  really beautiful cards.