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Worthwhile Sunday

15 Feb

You know how some days you seem to be busy all day and don’t really achieve anything? Well today was a bit different in that I dug out a box kit that I’d had for ages …….. (and so was on the pending pile) and decided this was the day to make it.

I suppose the reason for that is that Princess Pinflair appeared on C&C last week and made up this very box- so it was the reminder I needed! So a couple of hours later this appeared:


Have I possibly sussed it??

15 Feb

Been driven demented over the last few weeks as my PC has acted really strangely in that 1 screen would repeat itself forever and then I couldn’t log off as the machine went into standby constantly.

But have I got the answer?

I used to have a wireless keyboard but then decided not to use it as it kept missing keys – so I placed it by the corner of my desk. But I didn’t realise it was still ‘connected’ to the machine! Could it be jammed where the standby key is? I must admit when the screen kept repeating itself it did look as though some one was standing on the keyboard?!

Time for a test!

Someone I’ve discovered …….

12 Feb

OK, I know I’m not the most observant person, but when this company appeared on Create and Craft last week I really fell in love with the CD they were presenting!

I hadn’t heard of Fee J Designs before (sorry!),  but after finding their website was amazed to discover how much stuff they’ve actually produced!

Anyway the CD I love is called ‘Sooo Sweet & Some Sheep’. This is probably because of my obsession with sheep – nothing to do with being surrounded by them in our Scottish cottage I presume?? Have I mentioned finding a little new born lamb running in circles around our living room while Mum was crying plaintively by the door?? No, thought not!

Well CD duly bought and expressely delivered (thanks FeeJDesigns!) ….. and there is just so much stuff on it! And as for my sheep………..they’re gorgeous!! Now I am an expert at droolling over the images on CDs and not doing a great deal with them, but my niece’s birthday is on Saturday and a card beckoned!. The photo below shows the outside, but the insert is great too. I also made a little envelope to give the required amount of birthday dosh(!) and stuck that inside too.

So thank you Fee J  Designs – I’m so pleased I’ve discovered you!!

Happy Birthday Sheep!!

Card made over the last few weeks…………

12 Feb

Just watching the blizzard out of the window, curled up with laptop in front of roaring fire and trying to stop cat chewing thru the wire of the mouse….. so I thought I’d continue where I left off yesterday.

Now any useful designer would tell you what materials they used so anyone  interested could do the same thing. Hmm! Well I forgot about that bit ….. and am I the only crafter who gets distracted and pulls all sorts of goodies out of the craft stuffed drawers and boxes and forgets what I’ve used anyway?? Sigh!

Well I could tell you that yesterdays card used Elusive Images Butterfly Daisy Collage Unmounted Rubber Stamp Themeplate with the text box coming from the Harlequin Rose Themeplate.

The following card used the Butterfly Poppy Collage stamp, stamped onto stampboard where the background  had been glimmer misted.imgp26244 The poppies were actually coloured in using Sakura pens before being triple embossed. The background paper is printed from the Sesons Greetings CD (who says you have to wait till Christmas??) and the red and blue glitter strips are just ultra fine glitter being smoothed over the tracks of double sided tape. The greeting (from Harlequin Rose) is glitter being sprinkled over the stamp being stamped in glue from Tsukineko Essential Glue Pad.


Another simple card (sorry for the quality of the photos by the way – something else I have to improve on I think!) is this simply embossed gatefold card.Gatefold Heart Again the stamps used are from the Harlequin Rose themeplate and the whole card is made from Gold embossing with good use of Gold mirri card. The dangling heart, however, is made by stamping into red enamalling magic powder. Does look bonny inthe light!!


An easy card to make is my ‘Have a Great Day’ card. It uses two flowers from the Butterfly Daisy Collage which are stuck together and coloured in using Sakura Glaze pens. I do love those pens as they give such intense colours.imgp2609b4

The card is DL with a circular aperture which has a strip of gold mirri card leading to the base. Perhaps the highlight is a lovely bow left over from a box of Christmas chocolates!


Now the cats are demanding to be fed, I’ll just leave you with a few pictures of my other designs. Thank you so much for looking!!


Must do better!!

12 Feb

Now the challenge of creating a blog (of a very simple nature!) has passed – I really must do more in updating it because  it may be more widely read.

In a way that’s a good thing because in the way of card making, I’ve created several samples for Glenda – which had to be kept hidden as the stamps were still under wraps! Keeping secrets is not my best point!  But after her wonderful show on Create and Craft (10/02/09)   which illustrated the stamps to perfection, then perhaps I can show a few that I’ve created.

But it’s well past bedtime now ……….. so perhaps one will do for now……………….

True Friend

Now where’s the right place to put this???

12 Feb