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Could never be a cleaner …

19 Oct

Thought I’d better tidy my craft room today seeing as we’re going to the cottage at the weekend – and made quite a good start initially. I actually filed some stuff away which had been lurking for weeks, put stuff away …… and then I found the dove toppers which I’d stencilled a few weeks ago. Well, just had to test them on a card and of course one thing led to another ….!

Sooo…. several hours later my craft room is in a worse state than when I started this morning but I have made twenty one Christmas cards! A sample of them is here:

Still, it’s a good start – have even done a bit of tidying since as well – reformed character or what???


Crafty Group’s Lunch

16 Oct

Well the craft group finally met up again, and thanks to Joyce, we had a lovely lunch at the Old Mill. Metal Bridge. Joyce wanted to treat us as she wanted to thank us for being so kind during her illness – a really unnecessary gesture but we thank her so much.

It was a collection of the injured as Carol had smashed her arm when on holiday at the Norfolk Broads and was recovering from a painful operation, but Joyce is just doing so well with her blindness.

It was great to catch up with the gossip and of course enjoy the traditional baked potato with leek and bacon!!

Definitely a resolution to resume the crafting group – does that mean I have to clear my dining room table then????

Sheenie Meet

14 Oct

At last we had a Sheenie meeting of some of the NE England Sheenie members – and I reckon a great time was had by all.

I met Caroline first, and I suspect we were both looking a little nervous as we hadn’t actually met any of the other Sheenies before so didn’t know what they looked like! Hazel, was fine as she looked like her Avatar and Carolyn had met Hazel – and Jan was attracted by the racket coming from the table!

It’s strange that the forum has almost made us know each other! We really are a virtual family. We chatted about crafts, families and generally put the world to rights and couldn’t believe how quickly two and a half hours had vanished. We definitely agreed that another meet was on the cards – Hazel was organised and had brought her diary, and if I remember correctly, Tuesday the 11th December at 13:00 ws agreed. Hopefully¬† we might get a few extra as well!!

Photos were taken – I’ll show mine now…

A quilted card

14 Oct

My first attempt at making a quilted card using foundation piecing. I bought the card kit from a great lady at the Harrogate show and thought I’d have a go and make it mine..

Once I’d sussed out how to join the fabric together and to make some textured parts, I really enjoyed making it up and have since invested in similar pieces of landscape fabric to make some more!!


A little feller ….

14 Oct

Oscar on land

…. we watched for over a fortnight, Oscar was at his best!! We saw himswimming about in the water a great deal – he was often there for hours at a time, but the best part was when he caught his dinner and came ashore to scoff it!!

The binoculars were used for a good few weeks anyway!

More piccies can be found on the ‘Oscar’ page…