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17 Dec

Just to say, ‘I am not a knitter’! the last thing  I knit in earnest (apart from the tea cosy…) must have been about twenty five years ago, but when my son said hand knitted jumpers were flooding the high street, I thought I’d have a go.

So when in the wilds of the Heelands, good old t’internet came to the rescue and I got a pattern, wool and other knitting essentials and started to knit an arran jumper. So I knitted, and knitted, came home and knitted (not so quickly now..), until last night (about some six weeks four days after I started), this appeared:

What a feat...

What a feat…

To say I’m a bit chuffed is an understatement – do you think he’ll notice the deliberate error where I did one of the cables on the back the wrong way round???!!


Quite proud of this one!

14 Dec

While I was busy knitting, it seems as if I was forever losing the cable needle, scissors, needle protectors etc – so I decided to make a little organiser bag to hold them all.

I’d also got a little Rowandean embroidery which I’d sewn from a birthday pressy – and it really needed a good home, but I just couldn’t decide what it should be until inspiration struck.. It’s not the best in the world, but I do feel proud of this although my sewing machine should take all the credit really. I added buttons and buttonholes as fastenings – really, really easy to do with that wonderful machine.

The best bit is that I e-mailed them in to a Debbie Shore sewing program on C&C and she read them out and showed the piccies! Trouble is I recorded it, and Steve is threatening to show Paul – the height of embarassment eh???

... with Rowandean embroidery piece on the front

… with Rowandean embroidery piece on the front

..... inside

….. inside

Busy with sewing machine..

13 Dec

Just love it, love it, love it! Why have I neglected this for these past couple of years??

Made a little mat to stand aforesaid machine on. Used some jelly roll cuts I also bought at Harrogate – but forgot to trim them all to exactly the same width so I notice they’re not all exactly even, but I suspect nobody else would…

Bit of a Newcastle theme perhaps??

Bit of a Newcastle theme perhaps??

Also made an apron from PVCmaterial I’d had for years – perhaps I’m becoming addicted to UFO’s or in this case, NSO’s (ie ‘Not Started Object’!).


Just seeing spots..

Just seeing spots..

Tissue Box Cover

Bit of hand sewing

11 Dec

Made some spec cases from hand dyed felt I bought at the Harrogate quilting show and added a bit of embroidery in wonderfully coloured thread. I made four – they’re a bit big but good for holding big sunglasses anyway!

Hand embroidered by moi!

Hand embroidered by moi!

Aunties v Nephew and Niece

10 Dec

Seems that Leah and Caitlin now tolerate (to some degree!) beautiful Lola Bella….

All snuggled up together...

All snuggled up together…

…. although poor Sammy does not want to bother at all!

Seems a while…..

10 Dec

since I last posted – but I have been a bit busy! Honest!

We’ve spent a good few weeks up at the cottage where at last I have a new flat floor – you’ve no idea how good that feels… Means we have to carpet the lounge again but that may be spring time or perhaps January if we feel like braving the cold. We also had a great decking area built at the end of the cottage where it’s a lovely sun trap – all luxurious really.

Doesn’t mean I’ve stopped crafting mind – I’m 7/8ths thru an arran jumper for Paul and that for me is a world record in the knitting stakes! I’ll post a picture when it’s finished. Just a shame that he doesn’t like it tho’..

Have really fallen in love with my sewing machine – beats card making any time now! So for the next few posts I’ll show you some of my creations.

However, while at the cottage I actually managed to finish my tea cosy – the one I’d left for years because I kept getting the two wool colours tangled. But by adding a bit of brain power, there is a way and the end result looks like this:

Had caused a bit of grief ...

Had caused a bit of grief …