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It’s a strange world….

14 Jan

Just about to pack up sewing machine to send it back for fixing – then I thought, “Give it one last try. Do another bobbin clean etc. etc. “.

So…. just put in a bit of fabric to test – and the darn thing sewed perfectly! Eh??  Tested with stitches – fine! Made a log cabin panel – fine!

I think I’m going demented …………….. but oh am I pleased!!



13 Jan

Oh no!

Sewing machine was dragged out again after its Christmas break to make a book bag (didn’t know whether I could actually understand the instructions but had to give it a try…), and I was getting a tad irritated as the top thread kept snapping.

Changed the thread, changed the bobbin and even changed the needle but it wasn’t great at all. Cleaned out the bobbin area completely and that is when the machine just got into a terrible tangle and wouldn’t sew at all! Sob.

Rang Silver who said that it would have to be returned as the bobbin may need resetting but I’m just considering if it should be returned to the guy who deals with Silver in Newcastle. Only problem there is that he’s miles from a car park and the machine is a tad heavy…. Problems, problems, problems.

Never mind, trusty old Janome machine was brought in use and finally I’ve managed to produce my book bag. Had a few problems in that I managed to sew the strap inside the casing (!), but all in all I’m very happy with it.

Book BagBook Bag (Inner)






Happy New Year and all that gubbins…

6 Jan

So this is when all the resolutions start and all the good intentions begin eh??

Well broke the first one – so still spend too much time on laptop and forums etc; the diet is not going awfully well at all – but I am trying to progress a bit with the sewing machine so perhaps all is not quite lost!

Looking through my project box I found quite a lot of UFOs – a lot from workshops I’d been to at craft shows, started the projects, obviously didn’t finish them and would complete them later …. Anyway, this one had just been started and was patchwork pieced quilting to make up to be a sort of make up bag. Got to grips with it and added a bit of hand embroidery and it sorted of turned out all right!!

Make up BagSo onwards and upwards eh?