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Let’s get a bit more up to date then…

24 Feb


OK, perhaps there are reminders in life which made me realise why I set up a blog on the first place!

Hmmm – well it was meant to be a place where I could set up a record of my work; so that’s gone for a burton then! Yes, I’ve given lots of items away but here are a few pictures of things I’ve done over the last few months when exploring my renewed interest in sewing (or should that be attempts at sewing???).

Debbie Shore had been such a great inspiration to me- just wish I could reach her standard – sigh….



Good old Charlie bag – made several of these!


Hand quilted bag – forgot about that one..


Over arm sewing storage – thanks Debbie! Made five for Christmas presents!


Sewing roll _ all sorts of pockets inside too


My little piggie thread catcher – he’s a sweetie!


My very first quilt!

24 Feb

My new granddaughter is due at the end of May so as an introduction from her gran (nooooo – I’m not old enough!!) is her very first quilt…


Little owlie…