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A lovely way to spend a few hours…

15 Mar

I believe I’m becoming addicted to my little sewing machine at the moment – just loving spending a few hours in my bolthole trying to make something reasonable…

Anyway another pattern found by Shwin Designs and it’s called ‘Summer Breeze’, a really sweet baby dress with little straps. I made this with a couple of fat quarters and I chose a grey polka dot fabric partly because I think my dil will like it and actually I really liked it too.

I brightened it a bit by appliquing a pink heart on the bodice and the pattern was really incredibly easy to follow. I was so neat with this one – even bound the seams between bodice and skirt – well don’t want the baby to be uncomfy do we?? I sewed little owl buttons on the back too which makes it look a little different. As a finishing touch, I hemmed it with a row of hearts….

Little owl buttons!


Teeny Baby Dress…… part 2

14 Mar

OK then….

Well I looked at the pattern and immediately thought it is far too tiny… just how big are babies these days???

So before I started, it was a surreptitious trip to Sainsbury’s with tape measure in hand just to check the size of 3 month old dresses you understand… So yes, it was the right size!

So pieces duly cut out it appeared I had the wrong instructions for the pattern Рbut surely even I could put those pieces together??  Yes, only logic really.

Well, the end result is that my little dress was made and I so enjoyed doing it! The buttons were finally sewn on today and I have to say it looks quite sweet.

Yes, there are mistakes but I hope my little granddaughter won’t notice them!

So here it is – hope you like..

Baby Dress

This one shows the buttons a bit better..

Showing covered buttons

While this one shows the buttons on the back – but they blend in a bit well!

Spot the button!





Teeny Baby Dress

4 Mar

My first grandchild, a granddaughter, is due at the end of May, and I’m so thrilled about it! I only had one child (a son), so you can guess how pleased I am with all these lovely clothes to browse……mmmm…..

However, while looking at some lovely ‘special’ dresses with my daughter in law last weekend at a very well known department store, I was really shocked at the prices they were charging for basically less than half a yard of fabric and really simple designs.

Surely something there I could do??? So the internet is a wonderful thing and I found a lovely free pdf pattern for a simple dress and after a quick trip to Crafter’s Companions (that store is just far too handy in afraid!) for the required fabric – then off I go!

So as the point of starting a blog on the first place was to record the actual details of what I was doing (getting older does create failing memory!!) – then this is where I’ll begin..

The first part was selecting the pattern so a big thank you to Shwin Designs who provided a great PDF download and good online instructions.

Then it was time to get the fabric…

I really thought that the Makower Papillon Floral fabric stocked by Crafter’s Companion was really sweet and of lovely quality so decision was made!

To be continued…