Now look – I don’t do mending!!!!! ……

14 Apr

…. but the zip slider on my favourite gilet has broken aJnd it is impossible to use the zip properly.


Well, whenever there is a problem, there’s always a solution so a quick scour on my favourite auction site have me a thought.

I only needed the slider part and having guessed that it’s a chunky size 5 plastic slider ( fingers and toes crossed for this) I eventually decided that if I bought a continuous zip with two separate sliders, then if it wasn’t right then at least if have something great for bag making. Good sense eh??

So we’re in the Heelands at the moment and after a few days the postie arrived with the parcel. Good start.

With trepidation I put the slider on the jacket and miracle of miracles it was a perfect fit.

Only thing now was that I had to get the broken slider off the jacket so I could then anchor the new one. So yes, there was zipper stop at the end of the zip but with brute strength and an old pair of scissors that was soon removed…

The fabric though was still a bit bulky but with delicate manoeuvring the new slider was finally positioned and the jacket zip is now working brilliantly for the total cost of £1.99 – although I have a metre of zip and one slider spare! RESULT.

If course, I’m still missing a slider stopper at the top, but I can definitely live with that.

Or should I embroider one ???? …..hmmmm……

Broken zip slider

Continuous zip slider

Fixed gilet!


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