About Me


Hi there,

Thanks for coming to read my blog! The intention is to keep it up to date and tell you about all my crafty things ………… but good intentions don’t always come off do they?!

I’m lucky enough to live in the North East of England and am happily married with one son who has now fled the nest after graduating in 2007. Because I no longer go out to work and have an ’empty nest!’ this means I now have time for ME …… and now have time to try out all those things I’ve wanted to over the years. Oh joy!!

I’ve always loved ‘crafty things’; I started out with cross stitch then developed  to free style embroidery (loved the free machine embroidery part!) before becoming addicted to papercraft stuff and card making. I wouldn’t say I was good at anything but just love messing around and seeing what I end up with!

We’re lucky enough to have a cottage in NW Scotland (view from our window pictured on the header), and that often sources any inspiration I may have.

I’m so lucky to have become a designer for Elusive Images! I just love their products and their CDs are to drool over – the colours are so stunning! This means that I do card samples for them and so I’ll attempt to show some of my designs on this blog.

Thanks again for looking!!


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