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Could never be a cleaner …

19 Oct

Thought I’d better tidy my craft room today seeing as we’re going to the cottage at the weekend – and made quite a good start initially. I actually filed some stuff away which had been lurking for weeks, put stuff away …… and then I found the dove toppers which I’d stencilled a few weeks ago. Well, just had to test them on a card and of course one thing led to another ….!

Sooo…. several hours later my craft room is in a worse state than when I started this morning but I have made twenty one Christmas cards! A sample of them is here:

Still, it’s a good start – have even done a bit of tidying since as well – reformed character or what???


A quilted card

14 Oct

My first attempt at making a quilted card using foundation piecing. I bought the card kit from a great lady at the Harrogate show and thought I’d have a go and make it mine..

Once I’d sussed out how to join the fabric together and to make some textured parts, I really enjoyed making it up and have since invested in similar pieces of landscape fabric to make some more!!