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Something to keep her warm…

1 Apr

When I first heard about the arrival of grand daughter, my first thought was to knit something to welcome her to the world and so off went the order for some yarn to knit her a cosy blanket.

Easy eh?

Well no, not really. The yarn is lovely (Sublime 4ply made with silk, cashmere and extra time merino) and the pattern looks really good too (Gracie, downloaded free from t’internet..) – trouble was I just got a bit bored…

I made a mistake after about four inches so had to pull that out and I see that there is about 6″ in one row which  er is not quite right as well. …. Hopefully baby won’t notice.

We’re at our Scottish hideaway for the next few weeks so the target was to finish it, and yes, finally it is done! Hurray!!

So it’s not the best knitting I’ve ever done but at least it feels soft and squishy which is good 👍👍.

Thank you t’internet



17 Dec

Just to say, ‘I am not a knitter’! the last thing  I knit in earnest (apart from the tea cosy…) must have been about twenty five years ago, but when my son said hand knitted jumpers were flooding the high street, I thought I’d have a go.

So when in the wilds of the Heelands, good old t’internet came to the rescue and I got a pattern, wool and other knitting essentials and started to knit an arran jumper. So I knitted, and knitted, came home and knitted (not so quickly now..), until last night (about some six weeks four days after I started), this appeared:

What a feat...

What a feat…

To say I’m a bit chuffed is an understatement – do you think he’ll notice the deliberate error where I did one of the cables on the back the wrong way round???!!

Seems a while…..

10 Dec

since I last posted – but I have been a bit busy! Honest!

We’ve spent a good few weeks up at the cottage where at last I have a new flat floor – you’ve no idea how good that feels… Means we have to carpet the lounge again but that may be spring time or perhaps January if we feel like braving the cold. We also had a great decking area built at the end of the cottage where it’s a lovely sun trap – all luxurious really.

Doesn’t mean I’ve stopped crafting mind – I’m 7/8ths thru an arran jumper for Paul and that for me is a world record in the knitting stakes! I’ll post a picture when it’s finished. Just a shame that he doesn’t like it tho’..

Have really fallen in love with my sewing machine – beats card making any time now! So for the next few posts I’ll show you some of my creations.

However, while at the cottage I actually managed to finish my tea cosy – the one I’d left for years because I kept getting the two wool colours tangled. But by adding a bit of brain power, there is a way and the end result looks like this:

Had caused a bit of grief ...

Had caused a bit of grief …