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My very first quilt!

24 Feb

My new granddaughter is due at the end of May so as an introduction from her gran (nooooo – I’m not old enough!!) is her very first quilt…


Little owlie…


It’s a strange world….

14 Jan

Just about to pack up sewing machine to send it back for fixing – then I thought, “Give it one last try. Do another bobbin clean etc. etc. “.

So…. just put in a bit of fabric to test – and the darn thing sewed perfectly! Eh??  Tested with stitches – fine! Made a log cabin panel – fine!

I think I’m going demented …………….. but oh am I pleased!!

Seems a while…..

10 Dec

since I last posted – but I have been a bit busy! Honest!

We’ve spent a good few weeks up at the cottage where at last I have a new flat floor – you’ve no idea how good that feels… Means we have to carpet the lounge again but that may be spring time or perhaps January if we feel like braving the cold. We also had a great decking area built at the end of the cottage where it’s a lovely sun trap – all luxurious really.

Doesn’t mean I’ve stopped crafting mind – I’m 7/8ths thru an arran jumper for Paul and that for me is a world record in the knitting stakes! I’ll post a picture when it’s finished. Just a shame that he doesn’t like it tho’..

Have really fallen in love with my sewing machine – beats card making any time now! So for the next few posts I’ll show you some of my creations.

However, while at the cottage I actually managed to finish my tea cosy – the one I’d left for years because I kept getting the two wool colours tangled. But by adding a bit of brain power, there is a way and the end result looks like this:

Had caused a bit of grief ...

Had caused a bit of grief …

Sheenie Meet

14 Oct

At last we had a Sheenie meeting of some of the NE England Sheenie members – and I reckon a great time was had by all.

I met Caroline first, and I suspect we were both looking a little nervous as we hadn’t actually met any of the other Sheenies before so didn’t know what they looked like! Hazel, was fine as she looked like her Avatar and Carolyn had met Hazel – and Jan was attracted by the racket coming from the table!

It’s strange that the forum has almost made us know each other! We really are a virtual family. We chatted about crafts, families and generally put the world to rights and couldn’t believe how quickly two and a half hours had vanished. We definitely agreed that another meet was on the cards – Hazel was organised and had brought her diary, and if I remember correctly, Tuesday the 11th December at 13:00 ws agreed. Hopefully  we might get a few extra as well!!

Photos were taken – I’ll show mine now…


9 Jan

2010  arrives the way 2009 left – snowy, icy and really wintry…….

So my ambition should be to craft more, update blog more and generally organise my crafting self a bit better. Yep, good thoughts – but I’ll just go and build my fire first …………..!

Worthwhile Sunday

15 Feb

You know how some days you seem to be busy all day and don’t really achieve anything? Well today was a bit different in that I dug out a box kit that I’d had for ages …….. (and so was on the pending pile) and decided this was the day to make it.

I suppose the reason for that is that Princess Pinflair appeared on C&C last week and made up this very box- so it was the reminder I needed! So a couple of hours later this appeared:

Have I possibly sussed it??

15 Feb

Been driven demented over the last few weeks as my PC has acted really strangely in that 1 screen would repeat itself forever and then I couldn’t log off as the machine went into standby constantly.

But have I got the answer?

I used to have a wireless keyboard but then decided not to use it as it kept missing keys – so I placed it by the corner of my desk. But I didn’t realise it was still ‘connected’ to the machine! Could it be jammed where the standby key is? I must admit when the screen kept repeating itself it did look as though some one was standing on the keyboard?!

Time for a test!