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Teeny Baby Dress…… part 2

14 Mar

OK then….

Well I looked at the pattern and immediately thought it is far too tiny… just how big are babies these days???

So before I started, it was a surreptitious trip to Sainsbury’s with tape measure in hand just to check the size of 3 month old dresses you understand… So yes, it was the right size!

So pieces duly cut out it appeared I had the wrong instructions for the pattern Рbut surely even I could put those pieces together??  Yes, only logic really.

Well, the end result is that my little dress was made and I so enjoyed doing it! The buttons were finally sewn on today and I have to say it looks quite sweet.

Yes, there are mistakes but I hope my little granddaughter won’t notice them!

So here it is – hope you like..

Baby Dress

This one shows the buttons a bit better..

Showing covered buttons

While this one shows the buttons on the back – but they blend in a bit well!

Spot the button!






Teeny Baby Dress

4 Mar

My first grandchild, a granddaughter, is due at the end of May, and I’m so thrilled about it! I only had one child (a son), so you can guess how pleased I am with all these lovely clothes to browse……mmmm…..

However, while looking at some lovely ‘special’ dresses with my daughter in law last weekend at a very well known department store, I was really shocked at the prices they were charging for basically less than half a yard of fabric and really simple designs.

Surely something there I could do??? So the internet is a wonderful thing and I found a lovely free pdf pattern for a simple dress and after a quick trip to Crafter’s Companions (that store is just far too handy in afraid!) for the required fabric – then off I go!

So as the point of starting a blog on the first place was to record the actual details of what I was doing (getting older does create failing memory!!) – then this is where I’ll begin..

The first part was selecting the pattern so a big thank you to Shwin Designs who provided a great PDF download and good online instructions.

Then it was time to get the fabric…

I really thought that the Makower Papillon Floral fabric stocked by Crafter’s Companion was really sweet and of lovely quality so decision was made!

To be continued…

Quite proud of this one!

14 Dec

While I was busy knitting, it seems as if I was forever losing the cable needle, scissors, needle protectors etc – so I decided to make a little organiser bag to hold them all.

I’d also got a little Rowandean embroidery which I’d sewn from a birthday pressy – and it really needed a good home, but I just couldn’t decide what it should be until inspiration struck.. It’s not the best in the world, but I do feel proud of this although my sewing machine should take all the credit really. I added buttons and buttonholes as fastenings – really, really easy to do with that wonderful machine.

The best bit is that I e-mailed them in to a Debbie Shore sewing program on C&C and she read them out and showed the piccies! Trouble is I recorded it, and Steve is threatening to show Paul – the height of embarassment eh???

... with Rowandean embroidery piece on the front

… with Rowandean embroidery piece on the front

..... inside

….. inside

Bit of hand sewing

11 Dec

Made some spec cases from hand dyed felt I bought at the Harrogate quilting show and added a bit of embroidery in wonderfully coloured thread. I made four – they’re a bit big but good for holding big sunglasses anyway!

Hand embroidered by moi!

Hand embroidered by moi!